6 Myth Uncovered About Sunken Cheeks

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Everyone has a beauty reference. Some people may prefer a little fat rather than a very slim type of body. Some prefer narrow and pointed brows rather than the trendy thick ala- Cara Delevigne brows. And some may want thin lips rather than plump lips. No preference is better than the other. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” they say. It is a cliche but it is true. In this blog, we are going to tell you how to get sunken cheeks and the myths behind it all.

Now, about beauty preferences… Today’s blog is about people who favor Sunken Cheeks over the more popular fleshy face-look. Because there are people who prefer it more. And, why not?

Sunken Cheeks and It’s Natural Cause:

Sunken cheeks occur when there is not enough fat between the arch under the eye and the jawline, creating a hollow or curved-in shape of the cheeks. The common cause associated with sunken cheeks is the natural aging process and other factors relating to bad habits and poor health conditions.

Despite this, there is an undeniable fact that some people look good with hollow cheeks and that there are people who would like to get that look. In other cases, people who reach certain ages and got sunken cheeks would like to work on it and get the best out of it. Are you any of them?

6 Myth About Sunken Cheeks (Are They Actually True?)

Myth # 1. Sunken Cheeks are Sign of Poor Health:

This one could be true considering the lack of nutrients and the loss of weight of a person. Sometimes, the lack of nutrients and the loss of weight is due to a person’s bad habits and practices. But let us be honest, many people want to voluntarily lose weight so that a sunken cheek could be a result of a person’s workout and slimming activities rather than her bad habits.

To clarify whether a sunken cheek is a sign of poor health, the answer is not all the time. In some instances, a sunken cheek is a result of good habits of working out and taking care of oneself.

Myth # 2. Sunken Cheeks is Because of Unhealthy Lifestyle:

Another possible cause of sunken cheeks is smoking, lack of sleep, and signs of other illness due to bad habits such as HIV, Tuberculosis, and eating disorders. This one is true, but remember that not all causes of sunken cheeks are solely due to these factors.

Myth # 3. People Hate Sunken Cheeks:

This one is absolutely not true! With the slim body figure that the media is constantly advertising, whether intentionally or unintentionally, many women and even men actually much prefer a sunken cheek that defines a thin body than an inflated face.

Myth # 4. Chewing Gums Can Slim the Face:

Have you ever felt tired after chewing gum for minutes? Do you ever wonder why did it hurt when all you just did is chew? Well, little you know is that you already had a face workout. Chewing gums does not only strengthen the teeth and gums, it is also a good exercise for the face and helps to keep the face toned and the facial muscle firm.

So if you want to slim your face naturally, chewing gum is a good and easy way.

Myth # 5. Green Tea Can Reduce Fat:

Now, there is no need to argue with this one. Everyone knows the benefits of drinking green tea to the health of a person and releasing bad toxins in the body. Green tea is a good detoxifier thus making it an effective slimming method. What’s great is that it can also reduce the fat from the face. So if you are working out to have a toned slim body, include a daily intake of green tea in your diet.

Myth # 6. You Need Invasive Procedure to Get Good Looking Sunken Cheeks:

For a faster result of sunken cheeks, an invasive or a surgical procedure is undoubtedly effective. But if you are someone who is aiming for natural beauty without invasive procedures, there are other ways to achieve good-looking sunken cheeks. There are many face exercises that you may want to do and a healthy diet you can try.

How To Get Sunken Cheeks:

If you want to reduce unwanted fat and improve your overall body contour and you are considering fat reduction treatments but did not want to undergo an invasive procedure or lengthy downtime. Then we have the perfect solution for you.


There is an easy option for you to achieve good and healthy-looking results. Nuance Aesthetics offers a non-invasive procedure for sunken cheeks called CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is a fat-freezing method that aims to lose fats on certain parts of the body. Throughout the procedure, you will feel comfortable and safe since there is no surgery involved in this treatment. Phentermine diet pills online

I Want To Get Sunken Cheeks:

Having sunken cheeks doesn’t need to be painful and hard, you can easily get the result that you want if you partner with a good aesthetic provider. You can trust Nuance Aesthetic in enhancing the original beauty that is innate in you. We only provide non-invasive procedures because we believe that everyone has their own beauty that needs to enhance and not change. You can easily book a visit to our clinic or call us and talk with one of our representatives at 801-557-5200.

We are waiting for you to make a subtle but significant change in the way you look to become the best version of yourself! Our door is always open.



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