Can Botox Work on Dimpled Chin?

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With the natural process of aging, it is a common phenomenon for many men and women to develop facial lines and wrinkles. Some wrinkles are visible when the face is at rest and other wrinkles are visible only during facial expressions. They may be crow’s feet surrounding the eyes and vertical forehead lines or annoying chin dimples. For people who need to even their skin and negate the effects of such annoying chin dimples without surgical correction, botox injectable treatments can be the best solution.

What is Botox?

Botox is an injectable that is resultant of the botulinum molecule that is verified to relax the facial muscles for around 6 months provided you get the right treatment. Botox is injected into target facial muscles, inhibiting the chemical signals from reaching the nerves. This leads to temporary muscle relaxation providing a more refreshed and sharp appearance.

What are the Benefits of Botox?

Results can be seen in a few days after the procedure that lasts for about six months. It is fast and convenient amidst the patient’s busy lifestyle. The results have been proven for safety and efficiency and approved for usage in the majority of leading countries.

Treatment does not involve minimal or no discomfort and downtime. The patient can return to his routine within very less time.

Provides natural appearance by negating the effects of aging.

Is Botox safe?

Botox has been proven as a safe and low risk for the majority of individuals. There are some minor side effects such as numbness, burning, pain in the site, and headache in the day following the injections. There may also be temporary nausea and muscle twitching issues. These issues are temporary and must go off in a few days. Recovery is minimal and there is no downtime as you recover sooner. If you are experiencing any serious side effects like blurring vision, difficulty in speaking or breathing, then contact your medical practitioner immediately. Finding an experienced, qualified provider for the Botox procedure is a crucial part of ensuring the right treatment.

What is the cause of chin dimples?

Some people experience a highly dimpled or orange peeled look on the chin. This orange peel look gets aggravated every time the Mentalis muscle in the chin gets contracted. Dimpling in the chin can be part of the natural aging phenomena of the skin and face. There may be no medical cause for anxiety if you have the chin dimples on your face, but you may look a bit aged or some may feel self-conscious about their looks. Botox can be successfully used to relax the chin dimple issues, gradually evening out the skin.

How does Botox for the chin work?


Botox treatment for the skin works on the chin wrinkles that are known as dynamic rhytids. They are the wrinkles that can take different shapes depending on the movement of the skin from beneath the muscles. The dynamic rhytids are developed by the skin muscles when similar movements are performed again and again. Face movements are controlled by the communication of the brain and muscles. This communication is possible due to a substance called acetylcholine which is blocked temporarily by Botox.


As the Botox starts taking its effect, the target muscles are locked in its place. This temporary outcome will not damage the muscles in any manner, provided you perform this procedure at an experienced and licensed Botox provider.

The procedure of Botox for the chin:

  • The procedure of Botox for the skin is short and is not complicated. It is important to discuss all the medical history and active medications you are taking. The expert doctor will give all the detailed directives for aiding the Botox injection preparations. You must ensure to follow them carefully without fail. They may advise you to stop taking certain medications like ibuprofen and certain supplements. You may be asked to stop smoking or avoiding alcohol before some days before treatment.
  • On the day of the appointment, the doctor will begin with cleansing of the face and sterilizing the target area of treatment. It will be followed by the application of a topical anesthetic to negate the discomfort during the procedure. Next, Botox injections will be given into the chin muscles. There may be some amount of discomfort only for a few seconds during the beginning of the injection. The doctor will ensure not to inject them sideways that may lead to the unintended weakening of the depressor labii inferiors’ muscle, that is responsible for the bottom lip lowering movement. The injection must also not be given very close to the lip that may lead to irregularities in the orbicularis oris muscle that aids speech, eating, and facial expression.
  • Once these injections are given, a right and light pressure is given to the area to avoid bruising. Botox slowly enters the target muscle and results in smoothening them within some days. The primary focus of injecting Botox on to chin dimples is to relax the mentalis muscle and negate the effects of skin wrinkles. Once the treatment is completed, patients can resume their normal activities sooner. As you are aware, there may be minor discomfort like numbness, a burning sensation for some time that gradually fades away.
  • Though the results of this Botox treatment for chin dimples are expected to be visible sooner, it is also dependent on individual health factors. Results may be visible in a couple of days but it may also go up to 7-10 days in some individuals to see them accurately. But no Botox procedure will offer permanent results. The usual duration of this procedure ranges from 3 to 6 months.

Bottom line:


Nuance Aesthetics offers non-surgical medical aesthetic treatments in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas in Utah to address the majority of cosmetic concerns with cutting-edge techniques. The team works to provide the finest in non-surgical skin rejuvenation along with the best quality and long-lasting injectable treatments like Botox on the market.


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