Is CoolSculpting a safe procedure for fat reduction?

Beautiful girl getting CoolSculpting treatment in Nuance Aesthetics in Salt Lake City, Utah

Technology nowadays is a superb getaway to reduce fat quickly through fat-freezing procedures. Coolsculpting is the leading non-invasive fat reduction and body contouring technology worldwide. Over 80 countries have performed CoolSculpting, and it has been achieved over 8 million times among various individuals.  As many people have already experienced CoolSculpting, it has also undergone 100 […]

6 Myth Uncovered About Sunken Cheeks

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Everyone has a beauty reference. Some people may prefer a little fat rather than a very slim type of body. Some prefer narrow and pointed brows rather than the trendy thick ala- Cara Delevigne brows. And some may want thin lips rather than plump lips. No preference is better than the other. “Beauty is in […]

How Does Your Body Get Rid of Fat After Coolsculpting

Beautiful girl recieveing Coolsculpting Treatment in Nuance Aesthetics in Salt Lake City, Utah

Physical appearance is part of personal development, and surely everybody wants to look good and feel good about themselves. A lot have resorted to different means to lose the body fat they have. Some did exercises or activities to shed that extra flab and those who resorted to surgery.  However, there are still what we […]

Subtly Sculpt Your Figure with CoolSculpting in Salt Lake City

subtly sculpt your figure with coolsculpting in salt lake city

If you are a resident of Salt Lake City who is unhappy with stubborn pockets of fat that are unresponsive to diet or exercise, you should consider a CoolSculpting® treatment. Techniques like ultrasound, lasers, and radiofrequency can help to eradicate fat, but CoolSculpting® has been around longer and is better researched. How It Works CoolSculpting® is most […]

The Power of Fat Freezing

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CoolSculpting® is the revolutionary non-surgical way to naturally eliminate pockets of fat. Have you wanted a sexier body but found it impossible to get rid of love handles or belly fat even with rigorous dieting and exercise? CoolSculpting® has harnessed the power of fat freezing so they die and are washed out of the body with no […]

Take Your Figure to the Next Level with CoolSculpting


If you live an overall healthy lifestyle, it is likely that you feel happy with your figure when you look in the mirror. You at least feel happy with the fact that you are near or at a healthy weight. But what if you are near or at a healthy weight but still have fat […]

How to Eliminate Stubborn Fat

COOLSCULPTING Treatment in nuance aesthetics

You have been desperately trying to lose weight. It seems that the harder you try, the more stubborn the fat around your midsection, buttocks, and thighs holds on till the bitter end. In fact, you think that these areas where stubborn fat likes to accumulate might be gaining ground, instead of you getting ahead of […]

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Fat with CoolSculpting in Utah

COOLSCULPTING Treatment in nuance aesthetics

When you see pictures of other women in Utah and elsewhere, are your eyes immediately drawn to their bellies, hips or thighs to see how they compare to yours? Are you frequently discouraged by the weight that clings to your love handles or abdomen despite your best efforts to diet it away or exercise it […]

Removing Stubborn Fat with CoolSculpting in Salt Lake City

COOLSCULPTING Treatment in nuance aesthetics

You diet and exercise to lose weight. You lead a healthy lifestyle, and you feel good, but you may not be completely satisfied with the way you look even after your work and weight loss. You may have stubborn pockets of fat that hang on no matter what they do, and it feels like they […]

Five Advantages of CoolSculpting

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In the past, the only procedure that was available for body contouring and the permanent reduction of fat was liposuction. However, many people shied away from liposuction because it often required general or local anesthesia, required tiny incisions to be made and forced you to rest for several days following the procedure. CoolSculpting® is far superior to […]