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EltaMD is the #1 Dermatologist-recommended professional sunscreen brand. More Dermatologists use EltaMD personally than any other professional sun care brand. Backed by their medical heritage, EltaMD has spent the last 30 years working with some of the best Dermatologists in the country to develop safe and effective sunscreens for every skin type’s need.

EltaMD puts the fun back into your relationship with the sun. EltaMD’s non-chemical sunscreens use earth-based ingredients to protect you from the sun’s damage. EltaMD Facial Sunscreen and other skin care products are non-comedogenic and fragrance-free. There is little possibility of getting skin inflammation from this sun protection.

Every year about 7,000 American die from skin cancers. The American Academy of Dermatology says that one in five Americans will get skin cancer once in their lifetime. In addition, 90% of visible skins of skin aging is due to sun damage.

EltaMD not only cares about the sun’s effect on your skin but also focuses on skin health. EltaMD’s products are also designed to protect your skin after a laser treatment or chemical peel. In addition, EltaMD’s after-treatment products are designed to help you heal quickly and have better results.

There are many skincare products to choose from, but only medical-grade products fuse the science of skin with ingredients that are proven to help keep your skin healthy and beautiful from the inside out. At Nuance Aesthetics, our SkinMedica® products offer something for everyone and are available by prescription only at our Salt Lake City office.

SkinMedica has spent the last 10years dedicate to developing innovative skincare products. SkinMedica® has the philosophy that everyone deserves to have naturally radiant skin to feel confident and look glowing.

  • SkinMedica® TNS Recovery Complex:  Improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce the appearance of discolorations, and enhance skin texture and tone.
  • SkinMedica® AHA/BHA Cream: Suitable for all skin types, this cream exfoliates and brightens skin for a more youthful appearance.

Contact Nuance Aesthetics today to schedule a consultation and find out how SkinMedica® can help nourish, moisturize, cleanse, and protect your skin with ingredients and formulations that are backed by science and recommended by physicians worldwide.

Latisse® is a liquid application that you apply along the lash line of your upper eyelid. Avoid using on your lower lids. Blot any serum that gets on your skin and only use the sterile applicators supplied with your serum product. It is recommended you use eyelash serums for at least two consecutive months. Eyelash improvement remains as long as you use the medication. When you stop using eyelash serums, eyelashes eventually return to their original appearance.

Some users have listed side effects or red eyes or itchy eyes. These side effects go away quickly, leaving you with luxurious lashes. Talk to an eye specialist or the specialist at Nuance Aesthetics for a thorough consultation.

EltaMD faqs

EltaMD works with the best dermatologists in the country to bring you safe and effective products for the needs of all skin types.

EltaMD’s key product is sun protection. They develop sun protection to be healthy and good for your skin.

No. Products like UV Elements have a slight tint that won’t leave your skin blotchy. The tinted sunscreen acts like a skin foundation under makeup.

EltaMD’s sun protection is formulated with zinc oxide, a mineral that protects against UVA and UVB rays.

Products contain zinc oxide, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C antioxidants, vitamin E, dimethicone, and squalene.

Products feature those products that are oil-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free gluten-free, and dye-free. You can also get non-comedogenic, vegan products and 100% mineral.

Yes, EltaMD features EltaMD UV Clear Tinted Broad-Spectrum SPF 46.

Yes. Nuance is an authorized vendor for EltaMD products. You can also purchase the products online.

Users actually found that EltaMD’s sunscreen helped mattify their makeup. It goes very nicely under your makeup and is easy to remove after your workday.

Most customers have found that wearing only SPF sunscreen keeps their skin from being red or pink. They didn’t see that applying sunscreen was necessary after a day out in the sun.

Jackson Rhudy, MD

Owner/Medical Director

Dr. Jackson Rhudy is a board-certified physician who has been practicing in Salt Lake since 1974. After an initial career in emergency medicine, he developed an interest in the new technologies emerging in the field of aesthetics utilizing non-surgical techniques such as lasers, Botox, and injectable fillers. He sought training from leading experts in the aesthetic field at multiple locations in the US and Europe and in 2000 he founded an aesthetic practice called Light Touch Laser Skin Care Center. It rapidly became a leading aesthetic practice in the Salt Lake City area. In 2010, he sold the practice and focused on his other endeavor, Optimum Clinical Research– a private research site that performs clinical trials on new pharmaceutical drugs. But continuing demand from former aesthetic patients led to the formation of a new aesthetic practice in July 2015. Reuniting with a former colleague, Jill Miller, they started Nuance Aesthetics—a practice devoted to providing excellence in the field of non-surgical aesthetics by offering experience and expertise with the utmost integrity. Dr. Rhudy maintains his board certification in emergency medicine and is the only physician in Salt Lake City who is board certified in laser surgery.

When Dr Rhudy isn’t in the office, he loves riding his bike up City Creek. He has always had a passion for learning and growing in the medical field which is why he spends a lot of free time researching the latest treatments and technology that keeps Nuance ahead of the curve. 

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