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Unwanted veins can have a devastating impact on a person’s lifestyle. They can negatively impact the appearance, which often hurts self-esteem. They can also cause physical symptoms that can make day-to-day living uncomfortable, in many cases. Fortunately, if you have any of these spider veins, we have various vein treatments available at our office.

One of the most common conditions that lead to the formation of unwanted vessels is spider veins. Not only are these veins considered to be unattractive, but they can also cause some unpleasant symptoms in certain cases, such as itching and burning. As such, many people seek vein treatments to have them removed.

A number of treatments are available for the removal of spider veins. Sclerotherapy is the oldest of the treatment methods in use to get rid of these veins. During this procedure, a special solution is injected into the vessels that are targeted for removal. The solution will cause the blood inside to thicken. It will also cause the walls of the vessel to collapse. When this happens, the vessel is closed off and is safely destroyed. It will go away as the body naturally absorbs the tissue that is left of the vein.

Laser treatments are also popular for the removal of unwanted spider veins. When they are conducted, the heat that is produced as the vessels absorb the laser energy destroys the veins. When this happens, the blood flow will be re-routed by the body through other healthier veins.

Spider veins impact the capillaries and can occur on the face as well as the legs. People frequently want them removed in order to improve the appearance. Spider veins look like fine, interwoven lines that can form a pattern similar to that of a spider web.

Bottom Line

If you have vascular issues like spider veins, you might want to discuss the condition with our team of experts at Nuance Aesthetics in Salt Lake City. That way, you will have a better understanding of which treatment method is likely to bring you the results you want. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about our available vein treatments.


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Dr. Jackson Rhudy is a board-certified physician who has been practicing in Salt Lake since 1974. After an initial career in emergency medicine, he developed an interest in the new technologies emerging in the field of aesthetics utilizing non-surgical techniques such as lasers, Botox, and injectable fillers. He sought training from leading experts in the aesthetic field at multiple locations in the US and Europe and in 2000 he founded an aesthetic practice called Light Touch Laser Skin Care Center. It rapidly became a leading aesthetic practice in the Salt Lake City area. In 2010, he sold the practice and focused on his other endeavor, Optimum Clinical Research– a private research site that performs clinical trials on new pharmaceutical drugs. But continuing demand from former aesthetic patients led to the formation of a new aesthetic practice in July 2015. Reuniting with a former colleague, Jill Miller, they started Nuance Aesthetics—a practice devoted to providing excellence in the field of non-surgical aesthetics by offering experience and expertise with the utmost integrity. Dr. Rhudy maintains his board certification in emergency medicine and is the only physician in Salt Lake City who is board certified in laser surgery.

When Dr Rhudy isn’t in the office, he loves riding his bike up City Creek. He has always had a passion for learning and growing in the medical field which is why he spends a lot of free time researching the latest treatments and technology that keeps Nuance ahead of the curve. 

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