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A key aspect of your circulatory system is veins in the body. If there is any issue in the normal functioning of veins in the body, then it will result in enlargement or abnormality in its visible appearance. Spider veins or varicose veins are such major issues of vein abnormality. Even though it may not affect the routine tasks of individuals, many feel uncomfortable and ugly. Many reasons lead to these vein issues such as genetics, sedentary lifestyle, pregnancy, genetics, excess weight, age and even standing for more time. In the majority of cases, these vein problems are seen on the legs, ankles, and feet. These problems can be reduced with proven leg vein treatments, a popular one among them called sclerotherapy.

Sclerotherapy Leg Vein treatment:

Sclerotherapy is a quick, minimally-invasive leg vein treatment that is not as complicated as other extensive procedures. It uses a grating solution termed as sclerosant that is given into the vein or lymph vessel. This solution has an impact on the vessel making to swell and stopping the blood and lymphatic fluid flow causing the vessel to shrink. This chemical solution is given along the vein to disrupt the vessel lining and make it stick together and sealing the vein completely. This overall process sends the blood to healthier blood vessels and the treated veins are eliminated from the body via the metabolic process. The doctor will advise you about a routine walking course to have healthy circulation while the body eliminates the blocked veins.

Who can take sclerotherapy therapy?

This procedure is not suited for everyone who is suffering from the issue of spider veins or other vein issues. It is always wiser to discuss your specific issue and the related symptoms with your doctor for them to decide on treatments. They may prescribe other treatments or Over Counter medications for people with specific vein issues. There may also be some suggested dietary changes like consuming more fiber and not struggling during routine bowel movements. Sclerotherapy is best suited for people with spider veins with the below conditions:

  • Veins are causing too much pain
  • Legs feel heavy and sore for most of the time
  • Development of rash near to the veins
  • The skin has converted to a dry and patchy appearance.


  • Sclerotherapy is performed after a thorough consultation with the doctor who will analyze the issue in the veins or lymph vessels. This procedure is generally carried in the dermatologist’s office under the supervision of an expert.
  • This procedure will not generally need any preparation or even the use of anesthesia. Doctors will suggest stopping the usage of certain specific oils or lotions before the treatment.
  • The procedure starts with the patients lying on the back with the legs placed in the upward direction. The doctor will insert a small needle into the vein to pass the chemical. This chemical solution will feel a tingling, burning sensation.
  • When the process is completed, the doctor will gently massage the region to avoid any blood flow from reaching the vein. They will suggest you wear a precise compression stocking to get fruitful results.
  • Some patients may need repetitive treatments to eliminate the problematic vein. If there are multiple such veins, then doctors may suggest repetitive treatments to eliminate them.
  • Patients must allow movement of their legs after the treatment to avoid any clotting issues. They are also advised to stay away from sun rays that lead to dark spots in the region.
  • There may be some amount of bruising or tenderness at the treated region, but it fades off in some time.

Benefits of Sclerotherapy:

Spider vein issue could be embarrassing to many individuals denting the confidence and not allowing you to wear your favorite attires. Sclerotherapy offers you the chance of enhancing the appearance by reducing the issue. The major benefits of this procedure are:

  • A major benefit of this treatment is enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the legs. These bulging veins can be negated to retain the normalcy in the skin and increasing your confidence.
  • This procedure is non-surgical and doesn’t require the usage of anesthesia or a requirement of a long stay in the hospital.
  • This treatment will let you wear your favorite short dresses like skirts, shorts, or others after readily getting beneficial results. Patients who are largely worried and low on self-esteem due to the appearance of bulging or blue veins will be heavily benefitted.
  • The preparation required for the treatment is very less. There will be some advice from the doctor on not using specific oils or lotions before the treatment.
  • This treatment will relieve the pain associated with spider veins or varicose veins provided it is done at a reliable aesthetic center.
  • The success percentage of sclerotherapy is very high as the treated veins will never appear back due to complete elimination.
  • This treatment is generally done at an outpatient center in the comfort of the office. Patients with overall sound health can opt for this treatment without any hassles. This recommends you to be in good health with no consumption of alcohol or smoking and maintain ideal weight according to your height.
  • It is considered safe among the list of leg vein treatments available in the medical field. There will not be the removal of tissue, skin, or any incisions in the body.
  • This procedure involves no recovery period and you will be up and running within no time. The majority of patients resume their routine activities soon after the procedure.

Bottom line:

At a reliable aesthetic center like Nuance aesthetics, we completely know the embarrassment felt by individuals who are suffering from vein issues. The vein treatments will ensure to rejuvenate the skin and provide a smooth appearance within no time. With a team of qualified professionals, we are specialized in several non-surgical aesthetic medical treatments. Associate with us to solve your aesthetic issues with precise consultation that involves a detailed discussion of your problems and accurate guidance.



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