Is CoolSculpting a safe procedure for fat reduction?

Beautiful girl getting CoolSculpting treatment in Nuance Aesthetics in Salt Lake City, Utah

Technology nowadays is a superb getaway to reduce fat quickly through fat-freezing procedures. Coolsculpting is the leading non-invasive fat reduction and body contouring technology worldwide. Over 80 countries have performed CoolSculpting, and it has been achieved over 8 million times among various individuals. 

As many people have already experienced CoolSculpting, it has also undergone 100 peer-reviewed studies that redeem the procedure’s success. It is an FDA-cleared procedure that determines its benefits. You can immediately proceed to your usual activities after undergoing a non-invasive and comfortable method. CoolSculpting requires little to no downtime and sets to more extraordinary ventures!


Coolsculpting can be done for both men and women, targeting these specific areas: the arms, abdomen, bra roll/back, chin, neck, buttocks, and thighs.


The areas usually outgrown by fats may be a victim of diet and exercise-resistant fats or, in some cases, of genetics. The spare tire, thunder thighs, and arm bat wings may seem challenging to minimize those areas. Make them less of your worrisome as CoolSculpting comes your way to reshape those areas in a safe and comfortable procedure so you can feel at your best all the time.


Those kinds of extra fats are entirely normal among individuals, as 88% of people are most likely to be concerned about having these in their bodies. Even though you are consistently active and are engaged in diet, and want to slim down, we cannot avoid the existence of those extra fats. 

Nuance Aesthetics apprehends your concerns, and CoolSculpting contributes to that motivation to reach forward through your goals. Your desire to bid goodbye to the random pockets of fat and stubborn bulges is now possible with the help of CoolSculpting. This is a perfect procedure designed just for you.


CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment that is an entirely safe procedure for fat reduction. It works through a CoolSculpting applicator that chills the unwanted fat cells to around -9C and lasts for 35 to 75 minutes (depending on the selected area of body fat). During these cold temperatures, the fat cells are frozen until they perish. 

Other than fat cells, no other cells, such as the nerves, muscle, or skin, are damaged in the process. After the treatment, a frozen fat massage lasting up to 2 minutes is done to move damaged crystallized fat cells so that the body can no longer detect and repair them.


The damaged fat cells break in about two to three days and eventually flush out of your body in two to four months. You can now evidently see more noticeable results as you witness being more sculpted and a thinner-looking you! Meanwhile, no skin is being compromised in the process and is not loosened, which may cause your agonies. All results from the process of CoolSculpting aim for you to be more captivating and continuing.


The fat cells that are gone in this process will not be able to come back again. The existing fat cells will eventually compress, and the process will also reduce the fat layers. A more fabulous look awaits you as you also maintain a healthy lifestyle and proper diet to bring out the boost in you.


Various areas with existing stubborn fats such as the double chins, upper arms, chest, and fats that sit on the bra line glutes, hamstring, and knees are doable through the help of CoolSculpting. These unwanted fat deposits can help you aim for an overall body contour.


Are Results Immediately Visible?

Most patients may experience evident improvement in the treatment area only three weeks after the procedure. CoolSculpting ® takes full affect approximately 2 to 4 months after the treatment session. Multiple sessions are required for some patients to achieve their aesthetic goals.


Am I Qualified For Getting CoolSculpting?

Both men and women have conflicting interests in diminishing the stubborn body fats affecting their overall body contour. Nuance Aesthetics is responsible for reviewing your overall health, desired aesthetic result, and medical history to determine if CoolSculpting will work best for you. Once all is confirmed in getting CoolSculpting treatment, a customized treatment plan will be developed just for you to reach optimal results.


Among individuals, each requires first consultations to review tour aesthetic goals. At Nuance Aesthetics, a developed customized treatment plan is offered to fit your needs. A series of 1 to 3 treatment sessions are usually given to reach the treatment goals among the patient. Optimal results vary among the patients and depend on the number of treatment sessions.


As your physical appearance contributes to your personal development, getting rid of those stubborn and unwanted fats may let you feel good and feel good among yourselves. These fats that won’t go away regardless of how badly we want to shed them off can now be managed through CoolSculpting.


Take note!

This treatment is not a perfect solution for those who want a weight-loss regimen. This treatment is best for those who have a pinchable plump of fat in a specific area. Also, it is an ideal solution for those individuals who are nearing their ideal target weight who are usually exhausted from the tiring exercises and diet regimens. There are difficult parts of sculpting, but they are doable in due time. Follow-up sessions are a need to work all the best in the treatment session.


Nothing comes easy, as they say. You need to commit to a certain treatment and attend follow-up sessions if required to achieve optimal results. A healthy lifestyle accompanied by a balanced diet will enable you to achieve ideal results. Exercise will also contribute to a more toned-looking body. Nevertheless, CoolSculpting can be done in total comfort at a clinic with a professional to assist you in the making.

Get rid of unwanted fat with CoolSculpting.

 If the CoolSculpting treatment speaks for you, the Nuance Aesthetics Team comes with a plan that can help you achieve optimal results. Overall, CoolSculpting is a definite way to experience a fat reduction in the safest way possible.


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