Juvederm And Restylane – Helping You Fill Up The Your Under Eye Hollows

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In today’s generation, it’s not only about the skin that people worry most about. The under-eye region has become common for patients who want to improve something with their facials. As you may notice, many unsatisfied individuals shadow the signs of tiredness and depression under their eyes. Most of these concerns are all about puffiness, darkness, and hollowing under the eye region. It may not be a massive worry for some, but people who exhibit these factors can look aged and weary all the time. So, there are times that even when you look great but your eyes are tired, you feel like you’re not at your best. Dark circles usually occur when the tear-through part extends from the inner area of the eye in a semicircular pattern. When your skin is hollow, this area gives an illusion of dark circles under your eyes. On the other hand, puffiness happens when the space below your eyes amass fluid, making the under-eye appear swollen or puffy. In that aspect, many patients have inquired and reached out what kind of under-eye fillers can help them improve this concern. A filler that can help reduce such a dilemma and give a more rested and youthful look. Good thing you’re present with us here in this post. We’ll give you details about what kind of fillers you can try to rest those tired and depressed eyes. If you have heard something about Juvederm and Restylane, it’s time to know more about it. See more information that you can gain below this post.

Juvederm and Restylane – The Right Choice of Fillers

Most experts and professionals will highly recommend Juvederm and Restylane fillers. But what do these fillers do? What are they all precisely about? 


Juvederm is a famous hyaluronic injection that helps patients treat a wide range of concerns in the face. And, in this case, Juvederm is beneficial in eliminating those puffiness and dark circles around your eyes. It adds volume to your under-eye region and offers a more concentrated version of hyaluronic acid than Restylane. 

This item contains lidocaine, helping patients be comfortable along with the procedure. As mentioned, it works through treating the bags and dark circles under your eyes. It is best for patients with a deeper hollow under the eyes for best results. 

A bit of a trivia, most patients choose Juvederm because it serves a stronger concentration than any hyaluronic acid component. Now that you know how Juvederm works, how long can it last after the treatment?

Juvederm Effectivity

With Juvederm being one of the best, the procedure will only take you for about less than an hour. However, it would be best to keep in mind that results will vary among patients. But in a usual manner, Juvederm offers the fastest results and lasts longer than Restylane. 

Some patients would enjoy the effectiveness over a year or more. For more details about Juvederm, you can contact your provider about this matter. There might also be some follow-up injections once your results have worn off. 

In terms of worrying about its safeness, there’s nothing to worry about. This injectable got an award from the FDA in 2006, which approved its use. By all means, professionals and medical experts can use this in treating various facial concerns. 

And over the year, there has been no complaints or negative feedback about using the injectables. So, you are all good and safe to use this!


From past experiences and practices, Restylane is one of the most effective fillers. It helps add volume under the eye with minor puffiness and swelling. Moreover, it is also less syrupy than some fillers, diminishing the chance of unevenness and lumps. 

It comes with an injectable gel out of hyaluronic acid. You can find the natural compound in the body. Also, Restylane is hydrophilic and pulls water into the region. That means it organically plumps the area allowing the fillers to join the surrounding tissues giving a more natural look. 

Restylane Effectivity

Restylane injection will only take you less than an hour to perform. Like any other filler, you can see immediate effects after days of treatment. However, you need to note that results can last for about ten months. Afterwhich, you can set the next appointment for a follow-up injection. 

The key to having the best results of Restylane is to maintain it. To achieve your goals, you need to be consistent in checking for follow-up sessions with your provider. FDA also approved the use of Restylane. That means you’re all good and safe to use it. 

And did you know that it was the first hyaluronic injection guaranteed to be safe? Well, yes! That’s a remarkable fact about Restylane. 

Am I The Best Candidate For This Procedure?

Any treatment has its best candidate to fill in the method. In this approach, patients who need to add volume to the skin’s hollowed-out area under the eye are the best candidate. It includes any concern like those puffy bags, as well as those dark circles. 

Whether you think you are fit or not, it is still best to approach a medical provider that can help you with your concerns. Remember that your health is the top priority of any physician before going through the method. There may also be evaluations that you need to go through to see what type of filler would best fit you.

In most terms, patients over 21 can qualify for this treatment. It is ideal for that person who has experienced age-related volume loss under the eye. However, younger patients struggling with eye bags or sunken eyes can benefit from hyaluronic acid filler. 

That’s all that you need to know about Juvederm and Restylane! See your physician and set an appointment now to know what type would best fit you. Nonetheless, both work great and can surely solve your worries.


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