Looking for Sun Damage Treatment? Consider Chemical Peels

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If you have fair skin, you know how constant exposure to the sun during the summer months can damage your skin. Ultraviolet (UV) rays can penetrate deeply into the skin of fair-skinned people even in the cold winter months. Sun-damaged skin can develop wrinkles and fine lines faster than skin that has not been overly exposed to UV rays. If you are looking for a sun damage treatment option, take a moment to consider SkinMedica® chemical peels.

Skin tone unevenness and dark spots are likely to develop, among other problems. You may have a variety of skin rejuvenating treatments available to you these days, but chemical peels have been trusted to work well for a long time already.

How Chemical Peels Work

Chemical peels are often used to treat skin problems on the face, arms and the neck areas. They are chemical solutions that are formulated to cause mild blistering of the skin in order to force the skin to rejuvenate itself, making them an effective sun damage treatment. Although this can sound odd if you’ve never had a chemical peel, the treatment is based on solid medical science.

When a chemical peel is applied to the skin, the slight injury it causes triggers a response from the body’s immune system. Perceiving this as a minor skin injury, the brain forces the body to produce more collagen, the protein primarily responsible for healthy skin.

Collagen is a vital protein that is found in every part of the human body. It has a maintaining and strengthening effect on every part of the human body when plenty of it is produced. The problem is that less collagen is produced as we age, reducing dramatically before most of us are 35. This is mostly what causes wrinkles, age spots and other signs of aging as we get older.

The healing power of the increased levels of white blood cells in the blood that rushes towards the treated area and the extra collagen production have a rejuvenating effect on the skin. After the skin heals from the chemical peel sun damage treatment, the adverse signs of aging appear much less visible and the skin looks and feels smooth.

Things to Remember Before a Chemical Peel

Remember that SkinMedica® chemical peels are useful for reducing the appearance of scarring from acne as well. The same process of skin exfoliation will lighten those dark spots. We offer the Illuminize Peel®, Vitalize Peel®, and Revitalize Peel®, depending on your needs. So scarring and blemishes that are deeply embedded in your skin can be affected positively and their noticeable appearance is diminished.

We will have more advice to help you prepare if you decide to come to Nuance Aesthetics for your SkinMedica® chemical peel. We are conveniently located in Salt Lake City, UT. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!


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Dr. Jackson Rhudy is a board-certified physician who has been practicing in Salt Lake since 1974. After an initial career in emergency medicine, he developed an interest in the new technologies emerging in the field of aesthetics utilizing non-surgical techniques such as lasers, Botox, and injectable fillers. He sought training from leading experts in the aesthetic field at multiple locations in the US and Europe and in 2000 he founded an aesthetic practice called Light Touch Laser Skin Care Center. It rapidly became a leading aesthetic practice in the Salt Lake City area. In 2010, he sold the practice and focused on his other endeavor, Optimum Clinical Research– a private research site that performs clinical trials on new pharmaceutical drugs. But continuing demand from former aesthetic patients led to the formation of a new aesthetic practice in July 2015. Reuniting with a former colleague, Jill Miller, they started Nuance Aesthetics—a practice devoted to providing excellence in the field of non-surgical aesthetics by offering experience and expertise with the utmost integrity. Dr. Rhudy maintains his board certification in emergency medicine and is the only physician in Salt Lake City who is board certified in laser surgery.

When Dr Rhudy isn’t in the office, he loves riding his bike up City Creek. He has always had a passion for learning and growing in the medical field which is why he spends a lot of free time researching the latest treatments and technology that keeps Nuance ahead of the curve. 

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