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Arnica Bottle + Arnica K Cream is a product that is ideal after facial fillers or aesthetic procedures. The product is used for:

• Unsightly bruising
• Arnica Cream and Homeopathic Arnica tables
• 120 sublingual Arnica tablets that dissolve rapidly

Arnica cream (0.5 oz) contains a three-week supply. Suppose you have bruising after a dermal filler or other facial procedure. In that case, Vitamedica Arnica Tabs + Cream is medication aestheticians use to improve the appearance of postprocedural bruising. Topic Arnica+k Cream plus Homeopathic Arnica Montana tabs work together to restore bruised skin. The product softens, calms, moisturizes, and restores bruised skin.


Take Arnica Montana immediately after treatments and continue taking until bruising and swelling have subsided (about 7-14 days). Take 3 tablets 3 times a day. Place tablets under the tongue and dissolve naturally. Do not brush your teeth, eat, or drink anything but water 15 minutes before or after taking Arnica Montana. Avoid handling tablets.
Apply a thin layer of Cream immediately following an injury or procedure. Reapply 3 times a day until the bruising subsides. The cream is for external use only. Do not apply directly to wounds or broken skin. Avoid contact with mucous membranes and the eyes. Keep out of the reach of children. Seek medical attention if swallowed.

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Arnica’s Montana 30x potency tablets were developed by Apothecia, a company founded in 1987 that uses FDA-registered facilities to produce high-quality homeopathic products. The formula meets the needs of patients suffering from soft tissue injury.
The preparation softens, calms, moisturizes, and restores bruised skin. It is great for sensitive skin.
Homeopathy is “like treats like.” The principle behind homeopathy is using your body’s natural defense mechanisms to aid in healing.
Arnica Montana has been used medicinally for hundreds of years to minimize bruising and skin discoloration.
The product is perfect for aftercare when you have had fillers injected. The product takes care of unsightly bruising and restores bruised skin.
VitaMedica’s Arnica+K Cream combines the anti-bruise benefits of Arnica Montana plus vitamin K to speed the recovery of unsightly bruises. Arnica+K cream is the first topical formulation that combines Arnica Montana plus vitamin K and botanicals for an anti-bruise cream that calms, soothes, and improves micro-circulation in the skin.
People who do not have an allergy to plants in the sunflower family.
Arnica may cause increased bleeding, so advised not to take prior to injections.
Pregnant or lactating patients.
Phytonadione is also known as vitamin K in topical form and has anti-bruise properties.
Topics Arnica+K cream plus Arnica Montana tabs together to restore your bruised skin.
Use a thin layer of Cream on the treated area. Reapply three times a day as needed.

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5.0Diana H.Diana H. ★★★★★ I'm extremely happy with my visit to Nuance Aesthetics! Jessica was very welcoming when you first step in. I met Dr. Gohar for help to do some lip filler correction and I'm so pleased with my lips now! She's so knowledgeable, kind, and truly took the time and care to talk through a plan with me. She took before and after pictures and determined the best kind of filler to use for my age, which I'm thankful for since that's not my expertise. My first experience of lip filler at another place left me feeling like it was done in a rush and dissolved pretty quickly and unevenly, so I wanted to find a business that would make me feel confident in what the end result would look like and Nuance Aesthetics was that place! The MD also drops in to check with you, which I think is awesome. Overall, 10/10. I would recommend!Paula N.Paula N. ★★★★★ My husband and I live in Florida and visit and have been treated by Nuance for a few years. From enterance to exit the office , Jessica, Jill, Dr Gohan and Dr Rhudy are all skilled, knowledgable, warm, and friendly. We get excellent treatment. Thank you Nuance!Julie C.Julie C. ★★★★★ Jessica is just wonderful. Every time I go in, Jessica greets me with a smile and is always helpful and pleasant to talk with. Kaira is also very pleasant and professional. I can tell she takes her job seriously. She tells me what she is about to do before she starts any treatment and makes sure I am comfortable. I’m glad I chose Nuance.Gyana S.Gyana S. ★★★★★ Nuance is amazing! Jessica is so warm and welcoming, and is always so helpful! I love everyone there and always look forward to my next treatments!Armineh T.Armineh T. ★★★★★ Great experience at Nuance! The staff is great and my injector Gohar is amazing! I’ve done Morpheus, microneedling, dysport, and fillers by her and I couldn’t be any happier with her work. She truly has magic hands! ❤️Jaclyn S.Jaclyn S. ★★★★★ New to Utah, I was looking for a new place to receive my Botox treatments. Nuance exceeded those expectations and more. From the start, Jess was prompt in following up with my online request and helped me book an appointment with Gohar.Let me just say that Gohar felt like a long lost sister! Not only was she super knowledgeable about Botox and other aesthetic options, she was easy to talk to and made the appointment something to look forward to. I absolutely loved my results with Gohar and cannot recommend her and Nuance to anyone looking for treatments.Melissa S.Melissa S. ★★★★★ Nuance Aesthetics has the dream team to make you look and, more importantly, feel amazing!! I have never gone anywhere to get a non-surgical procedure where I felt like I fit in, like I wasn't totally out of place, until I found Nuance Aesthetics. My injector, Gohar, is so good at what she does and Kaira, who did my Moxi laser treatment, was so professional and kind. I love this place and will be going there from now on for all of my procedures.Jodee W.Jodee W. ★★★★★ First visit to Nuance exceeded my expectations! Kaira and Katie were both so knowledgeable about their products and so welcoming. They were able to walk me through the procedure and calm my nerves. The results have been just as phenomenal! The BBL laser brightened my skin so much after just 1 treatment and my injections are perfect (my lips are so full and luscious)! The downtown office is gorgeous and easy to access with ample parking. Nuance is 10/10, can't wait for my next visit!Erica Shea S.Erica Shea S. ★★★★★ I got BBL laser treatment for rosacea as well as Botox injections and could not recommend the wonderful team at Nuance enough!! Everything looks so good and I can’t wait to go back for my next laser session.Chip H.Chip H. ★★★★★ Best team in Utah, hands-down.Laura W.Laura W. ★★★★★ Nuance was truly exceptional! From the moment I stepped through the door, Jessica's warm and welcoming demeanor immediately put me at ease. She sensed my apprehension and skillfully conveyed my concerns to Ashley, which I found incredibly reassuring.Ashley, on the other hand, was an absolute delight. She took the time to thoroughly explain each step of the process, ensuring I felt fully informed. Notably, she did not push for excessive treatments initially and even thoughtfully discussed potential future areas of interest.Johanna K.Johanna K. ★★★★★ Katie is wonderful and I’ve trusted her with my face for years. I love how she has the approach to not overtreat but instead start slow, see results in a few weeks and then add as/if needed. Highly recommend!Blanca M.Blanca M. ★★★★★ I enjoyed the service. Katie was very nicejs_loader

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