Spider Veins Treatment with Sclerotherapy: How It Works

Spider Vein Treatment by Nuance Aesthetics in Salt Lake City, Utah

Spider veins are those unwelcome, visible veins that most often appear on your legs. Although they can appear anywhere that you are having venous issues, they most frequently appear on the legs because of the extra tug of gravity in this area. Just because they may be a natural part of aging for you does not mean that you have to live with them forever. Instead, with sclerotherapy, you can experience relief from the cosmetic hardships of having these spider veins. We at Nuance Aesthetics are proud to offer this spider veins treatment to our patients and invite you to learn more about it.

More About Spider Veins

Spider veins are also called telangiectasias and are the smallest visible veins that you may see on your skin. Unlike varicose veins, which can be quite uncomfortable, spider veins rarely cause any physical discomfort but can cause you undue mental consternation as you have to live with colorful markings on your skin. They are typically red or purple and appear in a web-like pattern, which is what gives them their name. They may pop up because of your lifestyle choices, because of venous constriction, or because of your genetics. Without treatment, they could stay on your skin for good and may even increase in size or number.

Treating Spider Veins with Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is an excellent approach to spider veins treatment for its safety and efficacy. This therapy is comfortable and safe and treats the problem veins directly at their source. Plus, it works better on moderate-sized spider veins that may not respond well to lifestyle changes alone. Sclerotherapy is a minimally-invasive treatment that requires an injection directly into the problematic vein. We usually inject a chemical solution that irritates the inner walls of the vein so it swells shut. After this, the vein eventually dies and is reabsorbed by your body. Once this happens, you will no longer see the spider veins on the surface of your skin.

Permanent Results

Unlike makeup, which covers the problematic veins for a few hours, sclerotherapy offers a permanent solution. Although you may eventually see new spider veins appear over time, you will never see these same veins appear on the surface of your skin again because they have been permanently eliminated. Our patients love the ease and convenience of this therapy.

We are here to tell you that you do not have to suffer from undesired spider veins any longer. Instead, you can experience real and fabulous relief from these colorful patterns on your legs using sclerotherapy. If you are ready to learn more or to get started with this spider veins treatment, we encourage you to reach out and make an appointment with Nuance Aesthetics! At our convenient location in Salt Lake City, our devoted staff of caring professionals will be glad to answer your questions and help you decide which option is right for you. Contact us today to set up your consultation!


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