Misconceptions about microneedling?

Beautiful girl recieveing microneedling treatment in Nuance Aesthetics in Salt Lake City, Utah

Microneedling, while already proven to be an effective procedure for clearing the skin, is still surrounded by misconceptions. These misconceptions are usually a combination of heresy, isolated cases, and even fake information. Of course, knowing the fantasies may make you skeptical about it. But don’t worry, as this blog will cover the most common misconceptions […]

Nuance Aesthetics Guide to Micro-Needling with PRF

Beautiful girl recieveing Microneedling with Natural Growth Factor Injections Treatment in Nuance Aesthetics in Salt Lake City, Utah

  Everyone wants to have healthy-looking skin, reduced acne scars, pamper the skin, and produce new collagen to regenerate dull skin and smooth lines and wrinkles. It is a dream to have them all. What if I told you that all this and more is possible in an affordable way? Micro-needling with Natural Growth Factor […]