Target Facial Wrinkles and Lines with BOTOX Injections


You have been noticing that you are not quite the youthful-looking person you used to be. It seems like you were looking at yourself in the mirror a while back, and everything appeared normal. But today, you woke up and started seeing fine lines around your eyes and the beginnings of wrinkles forming in your forehead region. It is like time and gravity have finally started to rob you of your youth in a more significant way. You understand that if you do nothing, then your appearance will be on a downward spiral from here on out as the sands of time continue moving onward through the proverbial hourglass. Then, you started to get a little upset and vowed that you were not going down without a fight. Fortunately, you live in a modern age where cosmetic methods exist to help you mitigate aging on your skin. In fact, one of the easy ways to improve your appearance is to consider using BOTOX® as part of a comprehensive approach to restoring your youthful look.

Getting BOTOX® Injections

When it comes to BOTOX®, you want to ensure you get your injections from a quality source. This means that attending a BOTOX® party may not be the safest or smartest way to improve your looks. Cosmetic centers and doctors that obtain their BOTOX® from a quality source tend to be the better places to go to receive these injections.

How Does BOTOX® Work?

When you receive a BOTOX® injection, the idea is that the treatment directly impacts how muscles under your skin function. By blocking the signal from the nerve that allows the muscles under your skin to contract, your muscles receiving the BOTOX®, such as the muscles in your forehead, are relaxed. While rendered in this state of being, your muscles will not be able to contract to the point where wrinkling occurs. This helps to train the muscle tissue to relax, thus, giving your face a younger appearance overall.

BOTOX®, Fillers, and Other Cosmetic Methods

A common practice is to use BOTOX® injections with fillers that help improve your skin’s tightness. As the skin tightens up, fine lines and wrinkles start to fade out of view. A filler is injected under the skin to help provide a volume of mass beneath the subdermal layer and produce lift to the skin. This result can do wonders to provide a more filled-out facial look like younger people typically possess naturally. Some people find that using BOTOX® injections with fillers after a cosmetic procedure like Ultherapy can help to produce a more dramatic change in how youthful a person can look. Furthermore, more subtle youth restorative approaches like these are far less traumatic than going under the knife to have a facelift done. This has helped to drive the popularity of this treatment, seeing that the recovery time is often negligible by comparison.

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Jackson Rhudy, MD

Owner/Medical Director

Dr. Jackson Rhudy is a board-certified physician who has been practicing in Salt Lake since 1974. After an initial career in emergency medicine, he developed an interest in the new technologies emerging in the field of aesthetics utilizing non-surgical techniques such as lasers, Botox, and injectable fillers. He sought training from leading experts in the aesthetic field at multiple locations in the US and Europe and in 2000 he founded an aesthetic practice called Light Touch Laser Skin Care Center. It rapidly became a leading aesthetic practice in the Salt Lake City area. In 2010, he sold the practice and focused on his other endeavor, Optimum Clinical Research– a private research site that performs clinical trials on new pharmaceutical drugs. But continuing demand from former aesthetic patients led to the formation of a new aesthetic practice in July 2015. Reuniting with a former colleague, Jill Miller, they started Nuance Aesthetics—a practice devoted to providing excellence in the field of non-surgical aesthetics by offering experience and expertise with the utmost integrity. Dr. Rhudy maintains his board certification in emergency medicine and is the only physician in Salt Lake City who is board certified in laser surgery.

When Dr Rhudy isn’t in the office, he loves riding his bike up City Creek. He has always had a passion for learning and growing in the medical field which is why he spends a lot of free time researching the latest treatments and technology that keeps Nuance ahead of the curve. 

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