What Are The Benefits Of An IPL Photofacial? Does It Really Work?

Beautiful girl recieveing IPL Photofacial Treatment in Nuance Aesthetics in Salt Lake City, Utah
Skin complexion is an essential aspect of beauty for many. That’s why Photofacial made its way in the limelight for those who want painless solutions for beautiful skin. While many people want to go tan, others want to remain youthful and maintain their glowing skin. Sun-damaged, multi-pigmented, and dry skin could benefit much from IPL or Photofacial. IPL or Intense Pulsed Light therapy, commonly known as photofacial, is the treatment to enhance your skin complexion and texture without undergoing surgical treatments. This groundbreaking innovation is popular among those who have dark skin colors such as red, brown, or even yellowish, only because of health conditions. If you have any of the following, anticipate that IPL photofacial would be highly benefitting you:
  • Acne – for dark spots left because of the scars
  • Birthmarks – for individuals who want to remove it for their dark color and to stay on unwanted body parts
  • Stretch marks – for previously pregnant women and for previously overweight people who lost weight
  • Fine wrinkles – for aging women or men who want to retain their youthful glow
  • Freckles – for people who want to get rid of their natural facial spots
  • Unwanted hair – peach fuzz, baby hairs, any smaller hair on your face except the eyebrows
  • Scars – to easily clear any type of small and large scars
  • Discolored skin – caused by sun damage and other factors
  • Redness of the skin – caused by a skin condition called rosacea
Or any other unusual skin discoloration and scarring could be removed by IPL treatment. However, if you think your health is at stake, considering your healthcare provider if you can take the procedure well.

What does IPL or Photofacial do?

IPL treatments start by releasing light into the different parts of your body. Since light has many wavelengths, it penetrates down to the dermis (the second layer of your skin), and the pigment cells absorb the light energy and convert that into heat. The heat will then break the unwanted discoloration you so desire to be rid of, including freckles and other spots. It will also destroy hair follicles for those who have stubborn hair that continuously regrows. It is guaranteed that it will not cause any harm to your foreskin or the epidermis. Although, take note that IPL treatment is not for those who are naturally dark-toned, for this procedure is specifically aimed at treating pale or those who have whiter skin. IPL is also not for those who have keloid scars, for this requires a surgical operation. One reminder we want you to put in mind is when you go to your aesthetician on your scheduled appointment, avoid using any kind of perfume, make-up, or any other scented products, because they will be irritating your skin.

If you have this, you can’t have IPL:

Still, not everyone is eligible for this painless treatment. Most especially, if you want to get your fair skin back due to regrets, sorry, but IPL is not for you. Your safety and overall skin health are at stake here. May you remember how important that it is, considering that your skin is your body’s largest organ. You have an 8-pound beauty to consider, so do not rush and decide well.
  • Sensitive to Light – remember that you will be getting a light treatment. If you are sensitive, just reconsider your appointment and think of the damage it might bring to your skin.
  • Recent Tanning by sunlight, tanning beds, or using tanning creams – just don’t do it. If you are saddened by your tan results, going back to your previous skin by Photofacial is never an answer.
What you need to do is wait and not decide by your regrets.
  • Skin Cancer – oh no, don’t even think about it. As your cancer was exposed by the sun, know that it might be a painful one for you. Aesthetic practitioners do not recommend anyone with skin cancer to be treated by IPL.
  • Retinoid Cream user – usage of this skin problem curing agent for cream is not a very good idea. Instead of helping, possible damage might occur to your skin.
Treating the skin involves not-so-harsh solutions. Consult your doctor first before applying creams.
  • Skin Resurfacing disorder – IPL treatment is not the cure for when your skin cells resurface, but laser treatments. If you got Photofacials for treatments and get successful, you will end up having the same kind of problem after your skin resurfaces.
For laser treatments, it is sure that your skin resurfacing disorder is not permanent, but you will need to undergo multiple laser treatments to finally get rid of your problem.
  • A dark-skinned person – just like what was previously mentioned, IPL or photofacial is only appropriate for light-skinned people. If you think that IPL is another skin whitening program, then we kindly inform you that lightening the skin is just one of the many benefits photofacial offers.
IPL should not be used for discriminating, for it is never its intended use.

A trustworthy Clinic

Are you considering getting a photofacial treatment? Check out this IPL treatment service brought to you by Nuance Aesthetics. Nuance Aesthetics is a top-of-the-line med-spa providing clients with a patient-centered, high-quality service aiming for long-lasting relationships with those they give care to. They are a team of seasoned medical and aesthetic experts who has been working together for a long time now for 10 years in the past. They joined forces and opened their clinic for in 2015, aiming for a promising application of expertise to people living in Salt Lake City. Aside from IPL or Photofacial treatment services, their top services includes BOTOX® and Dysport® for those who want to relax their wrinkles, CoolSculpting® for reducing fats, Kybella® for double chin reduction, and Juvederm® and Restylane® for smoothing fine lines and adding volume to your skin. Getting youthful and beautiful is now made possible by clinics that put importance to expertise and integrity in revealing what we naturally have without surgery. Reach out to them now by booking a visit here.


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