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Once again, the time of year when trees turn from green to stunning shades of gold, crimson, and orange has arrived. But do you know what else is waiting for you besides the delicious deserts and cooler weather? It’s the switching of your skincare routine from summer to fall.

Fall is the perfect time to get more aggressive with your skincare routine. The change in weather means your skin will be less oily and more prone to dryness, which makes it the ideal moment to test out some new medical treatments. You might not want to go all out and get a full-on facial or chemical peel, but you can do plenty of other things to give yourself an extra boost this season.

How can I look after my skin more effectively in the fall?

Let your eyes feast with the beauty of autumn, and let your skin rejoice with the treatments brought to you during this season. Excess sun exposure may have affected your skin throughout the summer months. The transition will give you a chance to repair everything during those sunny days, and fall is when it is best to do that.

Before getting to the good part, we think we have to remind you of these simple tips during this season.

Apply moisturizer. In warmer weather, when humidity is higher, you may need a mild moisturizer; in cooler months, where the drier air can irritate and dry up the skin, more hydration is necessary. Applying moisturizer will maintain your face soft and stop those embarrassing dry skin situations!

Wear your sunscreen. Do you intend to throw away your sunscreen just because the sunny days are over? You should not! Always use an SPF that is appropriate for your skin type, especially while out for walks in the fall.

Hydrate! Drinking your fluids could never go wrong if you want that skin to glow. Water consumption increases suppleness and can potentially prevent wrinkles from developing over time. And if that weren’t great enough, drinking water helps your skin function how it was intended to, increasing its resistance to contaminants.

These may sound enough for your skin, but these are just the basics, the daily routine. Below is a list of the top fall treatments if you want to go above and pamper your skin.

Your fall treatment #1: KYBELLA

Your diet and exercise may not be enough when getting rid of a double chin. And then Kybella was discovered, and just like that, you now have an effective and fast option to get rid of those dreaded extra fats on your chin.

Kybella is a nonsurgical fat reduction treatment that works by reducing and destroying fat cells under the chin. It is a nonsurgical fat reduction treatment that works by reducing and eliminating fat cells under the chin. It’s FDA approved for treating moderate to severe fat below the chin but has also been used in other areas of the body.

Kybella injections work by dissolving adipose tissue (fat) that builds up over time from poor diet and exercise habits. Once dissolved, this layer will no longer be able to store additional fat or build up on your face.

Your fall treatment #2: BBL

A brighter, smoother complexion, improved skin firmness, elasticity, and pigmentation are common requests from men and women, particularly during the fall season when they will likely be attending festivities.

The Sciton BroadBand Light, or BBL, is a skin rejuvenation treatment that uses laser light to target specific conditions below the surface of your skin. Forever Young BBL (broadband light) treatment, often referred to as intense pulsed light therapy, targets and treats skin issues, including acne, sun damage, and other aging indicators, by penetrating the skin deeply with light energy. It can minimize wrinkles and other aging symptoms.

The procedure involves using a handheld device called the “broadband light” to deliver intense energy pulses into your skin for about 30 minutes. The treatment is effective in improving fine lines and wrinkles as well as acne scars and age spots on most areas of the body, including the face, neck/cheeks/jawline (facial), chest area (upper arms), upper back/lower abdomen area (middle back).

Your fall treatment #3: CoolSculpting

When it’s summer, comfort and cooling are often prioritized over fashion. On the other hand, autumn ushers in fresh trends like coats, sweaters, and boots that are often more fun to wear and flattering than your summer outfits. With all the fall fashion trends going on during the fall, it is never too late to show those curves.

Without undergoing surgery, CoolSculpting is an excellent approach to reducing fat. CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical fat-reduction procedure that uses controlled cooling to freeze stubborn fat cells. It’s similar to liposuction, but instead of freezing the entire area, it targets only the places you’d like to lose weight.

The first treatment can take up to an hour and a half—although they may be shorter depending on your specific needs and goals—and each additional treatment will take about 15 minutes. You’ll need multiple treatments over several weeks until you see results; three rounds of CoolSculpting typically result in about 5 pounds lost (or more).

Since CoolSculpting has received FDA (Food and Drug Administration of USA) approval, it is highly safe and effective for treatments, including fat removal. With no downtime necessary, CoolSculpting is incredibly effective at treating numerous body parts at once, including your stomach, thighs, and even your chin!

Your fall treatment #4: MOXI

Fall might bring us cooler weather, and you get to cover your skin with oversized sweaters and scarves. But just because you get to wrap most of yourself in clothing doesn’t mean you have to forget the underlying issues of your skin.

MOXI is perfect for younger patients who are just beginning a skin regimen or those who wish to revive and renew their skin’s appearance without downtime. It treats all skin types at any time of the year. Moxi is a fractional laser treatment that targets pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and textural irregularities in the skin.

MOXI can be used to treat:

  • Hyperpigmentation (brown spots)
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Textural irregularities

With MOXI, there is essentially no downtime. MOXI is an excellent choice if you’re more concerned with preventing and decreasing aging indications than thoroughly treating skin issues. The best treatment is always a preventive treatment.

Are you ready for the best fall treatment?

The beginning of the fall season is the ideal moment to begin the treatments you’ve been meaning to try. Here at Nuance Aesthetics, we will make that happen for you.   today, and you’ll have the best treatments all season!


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