What Is Micro-Needling With Natural Growth Factor Injections? Is It Worth?

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Are you badly looking for an impacting way to revive your skin by solving various skin issues and facial aging? You may be helped with minimally invasive skin treatments that are helping a significant percentage of cosmetic services in America every year. But with the advent of too many types of such options, it can be annoying to know which could be the best option for your specific issue. If you are suffering from several types of skin issues, micro-needling with Natural Growth Factor Injections may be an effective option for addressing them all at once without any intense adverse effects. Keep reading below to know about the working of the treatment and its effectiveness.

About Micro-Needling With Natural Growth Factor Injections And Its Working :

  • Micro-needling with Natural Growth Factor Injections or platelet-rich fibrin is the best in rejuvenating the skin naturally. This treatment fixes the skin tone, texture, wrinkles, and fine lines, acne scars, brown spots, under-eye bags, and fatigued skin. Moreover, it is non-invasive and needs no or minor recovery time. Micro-needling with Natural Growth Factor Injections is the best solution for people who need younger-looking skin with enhanced appearance. Micro-needling with Natural Growth Factor Injections is approved by FDA and scientifically proven to rejuvenate the skin by stimulating cell renewal and triggering the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Micro-needling revives the skin by employing the body’s natural rejuvenation capabilities with a process termed as measured healing of wounds. The micro-needling process comprises of employing medical-standard needles slowly rolled over the skin leading to minor injuries. These micro-injuries stimulate the process of natural healing in the body causing the release of growth factors with the healthy development of collagen.
  • Natural Growth Factor Injections employs platelets, white blood cells, and fibrin to stimulate the healing process, collagen production, and skin elasticity. A single vial or a smaller amount than a tablespoon is drawn, and the blood is placed inside a specific centrifugal machine. Natural Growth Factor Injections is divided from the blood components, and the is collected from the vial into a syringe. After this, it is evenly spread over the microscopic wounds created from micro-needling of the skin. This gives benefits such as rejuvenation, skin tightening, enhanced texture, and the development of collagen.
  • Natural Growth Factor Injections (platelet-rich fibrin) is termed as the advanced procedure in Natural Growth Factor Injections Therapy. Natural Growth Factor Injections comprises very high concentrations of fibrin, white blood cells, and also few quantities of stem cells that originated in our bloodstreams. The Natural Growth Factor Injections is kept in a bio-incubator for 15 to 20 minutes to be converted into a gel-like material ready to be administered into the desired region. Side effects are generally non-existent since the body is not likely to discard its blood.

How is Natural Growth Factor Injections Different From Natural Growth Factor Injections? Is It Worth It?

There are a few significant differences between Natural Growth Factor Injections and Natural Growth Factor Injections that give an edge for Natural Growth Factor Injections for skin rejuvenation. They are:
  • During the process of accumulating the concentrate for Natural Growth Factor Injections, the blood is spun at much lower rates than when done for Natural Growth Factor Injections. This reduced pace lets for collection of more quantity of growth factors and cells and used in the concentrate. The occurrence of these collections of platelets, white blood cells, and stem cells get more quality healing factors. Natural Growth Factor Injections is completely natural, whereas Natural Growth Factor Injections will include some additives or anti-coagulants. As there will be no additives there will be natural effects and gradual release of the growth factors into the skin. Natural Growth Factor Injections will slowly release these growth factors over a prolonged period giving longer results.
  • Along with the inclusion of platelets and other growth factors that encourage the repair and rejuvenation of the skin, Natural Growth Factor Injections also contains Fibrin. Fibrin offers scaffolding that aids the blood cells, that stimulates clotting and healthy functionality of the blood cells, spreading the release of growth factors. Due to this growth factors in Natural Growth Factor Injections will be active for around 2 weeks, letting the skin use all its healing abilities. Other similar treatments are only active for a few hours after application. Further, Fibrin’s supportive networks have a major part in the rebuilding of collagen and elastin.
  • As several facials will only artificially stimulate the platelets with additives like thrombin and calcium chloride. As Natural Growth Factor Injections does not use any additives it lets the fibrin found within your blood sample encourage the growth factors naturally. Natural Growth Factor Injections is deprived of any kind of synthetic chemicals and is a completely natural, autologous blood concentrate.

Who Is A Candidate For This Treatment?

Candidates for Natural Growth Factor Injections Therapy are the ones who are looking to improve their skin with a minimally invasive and or minimal recovery time. Individuals who have tried regular micro needling earlier and relished the results usually want to add this Natural Growth Factor Injections to the micro-needling treatment for additional benefits. Regardless of your skin issues like fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, enlarged pores, or overall rejuvenation, Natural Growth Factor Injections is a proven solution and natural alternative to traditional facial fillers.

What Are The Effects After The Treatment?

After Natural Growth Factor Injections, you may have some amount of swelling or redness but usually, there will be no or minimal downtime. The majority of individuals will feel relaxed enough to continue their routine activities on the same day. But care should be taken to avoid any skin exposure to direct sunlight for around a week. Even though the treatment results vary, a significant portion of patients reports feeling rapid skin smoothness after the treatment. The body will start to produce new collagen, after micro-needling with Natural Growth Factor Injections treatment leading to gorgeous and younger-looking natural skin. Treatments can be repeated with a gap of 4-6 weeks till the desired outcome is achieved but only under the guidance of an expert physician.

Final Thoughts:

If you want to relish the benefits of micro-needling with Natural Growth Factor Injections, then associate with a reliable center like Nuance Aesthetics that is led by a team of dedicated professionals who emphasize building long-lasting relationships with their patients. The team has worked together for over a decade and is a renowned brand in Salt Lake City for patient-centered service with advanced treatments, skills, and care.


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