Is Facial Vein Removal Safe And Permanent?

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Spider veins are tiny dark groups of purple or red-colored veins that are formed in a web-like outline on the face or legs. Even though these veins may not cause any health issues or discomfort, many beauty lovers want to have them eliminated from the skin. Thankfully some effective Facial Vein Removal treatments can treat your issues provided they are done by experienced professionals.

About spider veins:

When tiny blood vessels under the surface of the skin are enlarged or injured, they can erupt, leading to the formation of spider veins. The web-like formations and branched group of veins are typically dark purple, red or blue, making it tough difficult to cover with any kind of makeup. Due to their appearance, spider veins can dent the self-esteem of any individual. Some patients also have some kind of discomfort accompanied by itching or a rash. Spider veins appear on both face and legs but can be annoying when they specifically appear on the face. This can be extremely annoying for beauty lovers as it is tougher to manage them in routine social life. Spider veins can impact any individual, but some crucial aspects may make an individual more probable to grow them. The most common risk factors for developing spider veins are:

  • It runs in the genes if any of your close relatives like father, mother had spider vein issue, there are increased chances of you getting them.
  • Pregnancy will typically have variations in hormones that can cause broken or enlarged blood vessels. Such spider veins also have the chance of disappearing after pregnancy.
  • The probability of having spider veins increases among elderly people.
  • People with increased exposure to sun rays have a higher risk of developing many skin issues involving spider veins.
  • Strong pressure on the veins due to altitude or sometimes even a strong sneeze can lead to the bursting of blood vessels leading to the appearance of spider veins.

Sclerotherapy for spider vein removal:

Sclerotherapy is a medical treatment that employs a chemical, called the sclerosant, that is injected into the specific vein to destroy it. The sclerosant causes injury to the deepest vessel lining, which causes the formation of a clot and obstructs the circulation of blood in the following part of the vein. During this sclerotherapy procedure, an aesthetic expert administers sclerosant into the target veins, that damage the inner lining and develop a clot. When this clot is reabsorbed by the natural metabolic process of the body, the blood vessel is permanently destroyed. The type of the chemical sclerosing agent is reliant on the size of the target blood vessel. A correct form of treatment on precise blood vessels can destroy them and yield positive results giving a smooth and natural aesthetic appearance.

Sclerotherapy Side Effects & Complications

There are some rare risks involved in sclerotherapy treatment. An experienced doctor will analyze the precise skin type and provide the treatment. Some of the side effects are:

  • In some individuals, there may be dark discoloration of the treated region. This generally occurs due to the breakdown of the red blood cells in the precise blood vessel. Usually, this discoloration will fade off in around 6 months.
  • Another possible issue is the development of new spider veins near the target region, but these new vessels also generally fade off within 6 months.
  • Formation of ulcer around the target region.
  • Development of tiny blood clots in the minor veins on the surface.

Is sclerotherapy safe?


Spider vein removal by sclerotherapy is usually one of the most cutting-edge medical treatments that have evolved over the years. This treatment is performed without any cuts or scars, with minimal downtime and negligible discomfort. Many experienced aestheticians perform the treatments in an office setting by using only local or topical anesthetic. But as medical procedures have some measure of risks, they should be carefully planned before deciding to take the treatment. As sclerotherapy is usually done to treat cosmetic issues, there may be some dangerous side effects when performed by an inexperienced professional. It is highly recommended to follow the instructions of your aesthetic expert to check if the facial spider vein treatment is suited for your issues.

Is sclerotherapy permanent?

When a spider vein is treated, the vein tissue is reabsorbed by the body and the target vein is disappeared permanently. While there is a chance of neighboring veins becoming enlarged and transform into spider veins, the original vein will never trigger the problem again. Additionally, individuals who follow the instructions from their skin experts to reduce the appearance of spider veins have less probability of new issues. Spider vein treatments have the chance of being repeated, hence if you develop new spider veins the treatment can be repeated with proper care.

Who is a good candidate for spider vein treatment?

Below are some common reasons that demand the need to look for a spider vein treatment:

  • You are annoyed by the visibility of veins with the web-like pattern on the facial regions or the legs.
  • Wearing shorts or other specific clothes is not possible as they will disclose the presence of spider veins.
  • You are making use of spider veins to mask the appearance of spider veins.
  • It is not a case of pregnancy and there is no previous case of any form of blood clots.
  • A person with good general health, and who wants to look beautiful is probably an ideal candidate for this procedure.

Final Thoughts:


If you associate with a reliable aesthetic center such as Nuance Aesthetics, you will get the service of trained experts who understand the precise issues and give a customized treatment plan. We offer advanced Spider Vein Treatment in Salt Lake City, UT that offer natural-looking results with minimal downtime. We are experts in several non-surgical aesthetic treatments that treat your concerns carefully. If you are staying in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas in Utah, contact Nuance aesthetics for reliable outcomes for vein treatments on the face and legs.



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